We started off by forming a Steering Group to look at the possibility of re-opening a disused sports centre (McMaster Sports Centre). The Steering Group comprised of 3 local sports group; Johnstone Burgh BC (Football - U21s), Thorn Athletic (Footbal - Amateurs), and Club Lee (Martial Arts). As we progressed we decided to change our name from West Johnstone Sport and Fitness for Everyone Group (SAFE) to Johnstone Community Sports Complex (J.C.S.C).


  • Engagement: 
To deliver a wide range of innovative, quality programmes that engage people through sporting activities
  • Participation: 
To inspire and raise aspirations enabling continued participation, supporting physical, educational and personal development to create a more active and healthier way of life
  • Progression: 
To work together to make a positive impact on individuals and the wider communities to enable people to achieve their goals and progression in life


  • To deliver professional, quality, safe, affordable and sustainable services to all users
  • Respect and listen to the views of children, young people, adults and our partners
  • Invest in and support staff to enable development and progression
  • Provide excellent communication and customer care
  • Provide opportunities that empower and engage all users


Our strategic aims reflect the balance of maintaining existing programmes whilst developing new opportunities through wider activities. The importance of sustainability whilst investigating growth of the organisation is key. It is also important to recognise the need for securing wider sources of incomes through donations, fundraising and trading income.

  • Maintain and increase the quality of projects and core delivery programmes to ensure partner, funders and customer satisfaction is achieved To raise the profile and awareness of JCSC in order to show its impact and value within the community.
  • To ensure the sustainability of the charity through a diverse range of income opportunities whilst meeting the needs of the community.
  • To increase the growth of the charity through effective research, consultation, planning and development of programmes engaging new customers.
  • To identify and engage with partners, businesses and organisations to meet the aims of the charity and the wider community.
  • To develop education, sport, health and well-being facilities that will provide multi-generational projects and services with unique features.

Johnstone Community Sports Centre
Greenend Avenue
Johnstone, Renfrewshire

TEL: 01505 335 171


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Johnstone Community Centre is Lottery Funded

Charity No: SC043358.
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